Social Democratic Party of Germany


Sigmar Gabriel


May 23, 1863 (ADAV) August 7, 1869 (SDAP) May 27, 1875 (merger)

head quarters

Willy-Brandt-Haus D-10911 Berlin


social democracy

international affiliation

Socialist International


The Social Democratic Party of Germany (Sozialdemokratische Partei DeutschlandsSPD) is Germany's oldest political party in the German Parliament. The party governed at the federal level in a grand coalition with the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union from 2005 until October 27, 2009. It conceded defeat in the federal election of September 2009, with its share of votes having dropped from 34.2% to 23%, compared to 2005, and became the largest opposition party represented in the Bundestag. The party participates in eight state governments, of which six are governed by SPD minister-presidents. The SPD is a member party of the Party of European Socialists and the Socialist International. It was also one of the first Marxist-influenced parties in the world.