The Global Greens is a global network of Green parties and political movements. It was founded in 2001 in Canberra, Australia at the second Global Greens Conference, where the Global Green Charter was approved[1].

The Global Greens has a 12-member steering committee called the Global Green Coordination[2] and a network of members called the Global Greens Network[3]


Name Government Notes
Argentina Iniciativa Verde minor party
Australia Australian Greens in partial coalition in coalition federally with regards to no confidence motions, but no cabinet members. in coalition in Tasmania and A.C.T.
Austria Die Grünen in opposition in coalition in Upper Austria
Belgium Groen! in opposition
Belgium Ecolo in opposition
Benin Les Verts du Benin in opposition
Brazil Green Party (Brazil) junior party in coalition cabinet
Bulgaria Zelena Partija in opposition
Burkina Faso Rassemblement Des Ecologistes du Burkina Faso unknown
Burundi Burundi Green Movement unknown
Canada Green Party of Canada/Parti Vert du Canada minor party
Chile Partido Ecologista minor party
Colombia Green Party (Colombia) independent
Côte d'Ivoire Parti Ecologique Ivoirien unknown
Cameroon Defense de l'Environment Camerounais unknown
Cyprus Cyprus Green Party in opposition
Czech Republic Strana zelených minor party no parliamentary representation
Denmark De Grønne minor party
Dominican Republic Partido Verde Dominicano unknown
Egypt Egyptian Greens unknown
Estonia Estonian Greens in opposition
Finland Vihreät/De Gröna junior party in coalition cabinet
France The Greens France in opposition
Georgia Sakartvelo’s Mtsvaneta Partia/Green Party of Georgia unknown
Germany Bündnis '90/Die Grünen in opposition in coalition in North-Rhine Westphalia, Hamburg, Bremen and Saarland
Greece Ecologoi-Prasinoi/Ecologist Greens minor party
Guatemala Partido Los Verdes de Guatemala unknown
Guinea Parti des Ecologistes Guineens unknown
Guinea-Bissau Liga Guineense de Protecçao Ecologica unknown
Hungary Zöld Demokraták Szövetsége/Alliance of Green Democrats minor party
Ireland Green Party/Comhaontas Glas junior party in coalition cabinet
India Uttarakhand Parivartan Party unknown
Italy Federazione dei Verdi unknown
Japan Midori no Mirai/Greens Japan minor party
Japan ECOLO Japan minor party
Japan Kanagawa Network Movement minor party
Kenya Mazingira Green Party in opposition
South Korea Korea Greens unknown
Latvia Latvijas Zala Partija/Latvia Green Party junior party in coalition cabinet
Luxembourg Déi Gréng in opposition
Malta Alternattiva Demokratika minor party
Mexico Partido Ecologista Verde de México in opposition
Mali Parti Ecologiste du Mali minor party
Mauritius Verts Fraternels Ile Maurice unknown
Morocco Les Verts (Morocco) unknown
Netherlands De Groenen minor party
Netherlands Groenlinks in opposition
Niger Rassemblement pour un Sahel Vert unknown
Nigeria Green Party of Nigeria unknown
Nicaragua Verdes en Alianza unknown
New Zealand Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand in opposition
Norway Miljøpartiet De Grønne minor party
Pakistan Green Party of Pakistan unknown
Peru Partido Ecologista Alternative Verde del Peru unknown
Philippines Partido Kalikasan/Philippine Green Party unknown
Poland Zieloni 2004 minor party
Portugal Partido Ecologista Os Verdes in opposition
Romania Green Party of Romania minor party
Russia Zelenaya Alternativa (GROZA) unknown
Rwanda Democratic Green Party of Rwanda unknown
Senegal Les Verts (Senegal) unknown
Slovakia Strana Zelenych na Slovensku/Green Party in Slovakia minor party
Slovenia Stranka mladih Slovenije/Youth Party of Slovenia unknown
Spain Confederatión de Los Verdes minor party
Spain Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds minor party
Sweden Miljöpartiet de Gröna in opposition
Switzerland Green Party of Switzerland in opposition in coalition cabinet in 7 cantons
Taiwan Green Party Taiwan unknown
Taiwan Taiwan Friends of the Global Greens unknown
Tunisia Tunisie Verte unknown
Uganda Uganda Green Movement unknown
Ukraine Partija Zelenych Ukrajiny/Party of Greens of Ukraine minor party
United States Green Party of the United States minor party
United Kingdom Green Party of England and Wales in opposition
United Kingdom Scottish Green Party in opposition
Venezuela Movimiento Verde Ecologico de Venezuela unknown
Zambia Zambia Greens unknown

[edit]Member parties

[edit]Observer partiesEdit

Country Name Government Notes
Albania Albania Te Gjelberit/Greens of Albania unknown
Andorra Andorra Partit Verds d'Andorra unknown
Bolivia Partido Verde de Bolivia unknown
Denmark Socialistisk Folkeparti unknown
French Guiana Les Verts de Guyane unknown
Moldova Partidul Ecologist "Alianta Verde" diu Moldova/Ecological Party "Green Alliance" of Moldova unknown
Russia Green Russia unknown
Serbia Zeleni/Greens of Serbia unknown
Turkey Turkey Yesiller/Greens of Turkey unknown

[edit]Associate membersEdit

Country Name Government Notes
Australia Federation for a Democratic China Australia unknown
French Polynesia Maohi Greens unknown
Mongolia Mongolilan National Green Movement unknown
Nepal Green Nepal Party unknown
Nepal Nature Conservation Party, Nepal unknown
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Greens unknown
Philippines Philippines Greens unknown
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Green Alliance unknown
The Global Green Networks cooperates with the four continental Green Federations:
  • Federation of Green Parties of Africa
  • Federation of Green Parties of the Americas
  • Asia Pacific Greens Network
  • European Green Party



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