The Alliance of Democrats is a loose partnership of parties all around the world, that was started by the United States Democratic Party, the European Democratic Party (EDP) and the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats(CALD). After the EDP's first political meeting in Rome in February 2005, the parties established the Alliance with offices in Brussels and Washington, DC.

The Alliance is not a true political international in the model of the Socialist International and presently unites parties positioning themselves between social-democrats and conservatives. While the Alliance has not published an official manifesto, it mainly consists of political parties that are broadly speaking centre right or centre-left. What has been published by the Alliance, however, seems to point in the direction of a more right-wing stance compared to the Liberal International on issues of international trade deregulation and foreign policy and more to the left of it on economic policy and welfare.[1]

Members of the Alliance include both members of the Centrist Democrat International (such as the Christian Democrat Party of Chile and the Democratic Union of Catalonia) and the Liberal International (such as most members of theCouncil of Asian Liberals and Democrats), as well as former members of Socialist International (the Indian National Congress), Israel's relatively new Kadima party, and conservative parties such as the Movement for a Democratic Slovakia and the Democratic Party of Serbia, which is also member of the International Democrat Union.

The Alliance is co-chaired by François Bayrou, Francesco Rutelli and Ellen Tauscher, while since 2008 Gianni Vernetti, who is also co-president of the Italian Liberal Group, is the Alliance's coordinator.[2]

The alliance of democrats also contains many parties that are both centre right and centre left and oppose the social international for example

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alliance of democrats parties
democratic socialists of america democratic party usa
swedish social democratic party singapore democratic party
movement for social democracy cyprus european party of cyprus

== member parties ==          United States Democratic party

New Democrat Coalition of the United States Democratic party National Democratic Institute for International Affairs

    • Center for American Progress
    • Progressive Policy Institute
  • European Democratic Party:
    • Citizens' Movement for Change
    • European Party
    • Path of Change
    • Democratic Movement
    • Democracy is Freedom – The Daisy (merged with the Democrats of the Left into the Democratic Party in 2007)
    • Labour Party
    • Popular Alliance
    • Basque Nationalist Party
  • Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats:
    • National Council of the Union of Burma
    • Sam Rainsy Party
    • Liberal Party
    • Malaysian People's Movement Party
    • Singapore Democratic Party
    • Liberal Party of Sri Lanka
    • Democrat Party
    • Democratic Progressive Party
    • Liberal Forum Pakistan (associate member[4])
  • Others:
    • Liberal Party of Andorra
    • Christian Democrat Party of Chile
    • Democratic Front Party
    • Democratic Party
    • Indian National Congress
    • Kadima
    • Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq
    • Democratic Party of Japan
    • Democratic Party
    • Maldivian Democratic Party
    • Senegalese Democratic Party
    • Democratic Party of Serbia
    • Movement for a Democratic Slovakia
    • Democratic Union of Catalonia
    • Democratic Alliance
    • Policy Network
    • Broad Front